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Discover 7 Family-Friendly Things to Do at Odaiba, Tokyo!

We spent three and a half days in Tokyo during our trip to Japan in November and visited Odaiba on the third day. We thought this was a great find so going to share some family-friendly things to do at Odaiba, Tokyo, so that families can consider making this a part of your itinerary when visiting Tokyo!

There are many things to do at Odaiba, and I'm just going to share what we did and the places that we went to that we thought were family-friendly and good for families with toddlers.

1) Take a boat to Odaiba

We took a boat ride to Odaiba from Hinode Pier and bought tickets when we arrived at Hinode Pier. Check out the boat ride timings here before heading over and make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier so that you'll have ample time to figure out purchasing the tickets. We had some problems getting the tickets and thankfully someone (who could only speak Japanese) came to our rescue. So, arrive earlier to not be disappointed! Well, otherwise, the train is always an available option to get to Odaiba.

family on boat
On the boat to Odaiba

2) Have lunch at Tsukemen Ramen Haruki Odaiba

First stop for us was find a place for lunch. There were two malls at the pier and we chose the one that through our research had more things to do -- DECKS Tokyo Beach. We then found ourselves at a ramen restaurant, called the Tsukemen Ramen Haruki Odaiba, as E eats ramen well. We ordered a kid's meal for E, which came with a free vehicle toy that he really enjoyed playing with and ordered another tsukemen with 900g of ramen for the two of us. There is free ramen upgrade, so we thought we'd just order one to share. And guess what? Two of us finished the 900g of ramen.