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5 Ways To Celebrate Your Mom On Mother’s Day

Updated: May 4, 2021

Mother’s Day is round the corner and we know it can sometimes be a headache thinking of ways to make mom (or a mom in your life) feel special. In an attempt to help you with thinking how to celebrate your mom this Mother's Day, we have come up with five ways to add to your list of making mom feel special!

1. Make a card

A card with heartfelt words would definitely create some heart-melting moments for moms. It is also a great way to express your thoughts and feelings towards your mom if you’re shy to say it to her face to face. Handmade cards would definitely be an added surprise but off-the-shelf cards would work well too! No time to make a card but also no budget to buy one? Here’s a free printable card on us! Remember the key is to be sincere and as real as you can with what you’re gonna write in the card.

2. Help with household chores

If mom doesn’t have a helper, then helping with household chores for a day might be a really pleasant surprise for her. Offer to help with washing the dishes after meals or anything that you see her doing for that day. Wanna go the extra mile? Wake up a little earlier than mom and start cleaning up the house even before she wakes up. She’d definitely be grateful (that is, if you don’t make the house even messier).

3. Prepare a meal

Cooking a meal does not have to be complicated or difficult at all. Just look up the internet for a recipe of your mom’s favourite dishes (okay, this part may be hard because moms don’t often say what food they like), prepare the ingredients, and let your family know that you’ll be chef for the day or just the particular meal, or perhaps even just adding on a dish to mom’s cooking will do too!

4. Buy her a gift

Is there something that mom has been eyeing lately but hasn't gotten for herself, or something that she’d like but can’t bear to spend on? Why not take this opportunity to get it for her? Try looking for alternatives if it’s beyond budget or offer to pay for part of it while dad pays for the rest!

5. Take her out to her favourite place

Plan a surprise to take mom to her favourite place. If she doesn’t have a favourite place, take her to somewhere new that you think she’d enjoy. It could be just a simple stroll in the nearby park, if that's what she enjoys.

And there you have it, five ways you can celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day! We may not express how we feel towards our family on an everyday basis, so take this occasion as an opportunity to spoil your mom and make her feel special! Moms will probably nag for spending on them, but they will love and appreciate what you do to make them feel loved!

Written by E's Mommy, co-founder of Toddle 'n' Doodle.

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