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Image by Omar Lopez


Toddle ‘n’ Doodle is founded by two friends who became new moms in the same year, just a few months apart – one gave birth to a baby boy, and the other gave birth to a baby girl. 


While preparing for the arrival of their little ones, they saw how the plethora of baby products out there can be overwhelming for new parents. Moreover, these products are often pricey and only last for a short period of time before the child outgrows them physically or developmentally. 


As they started their journey of parenthood, it was evident to them that raising children goes beyond ensuring that their physical needs are met. Besides the environment that little ones grow up in, family relationships such as that between their parents also play a crucial part in their overall growth and development. 


With that, Toddle ‘n’ Doodle was birthed, with the desire to serve as a one-stop platform for quality and affordable baby products and to share resources that encourage the building of strong families. 


Our team at Toddle ‘n’ Doodle is committed to provide products that our children personally use and enjoy, so that fellow parents can be assured of the safety and comfort of these items. As such, the range of products here will grow together with our children and, we hope, yours too. 


Let us take care of curating the baby products you need, so that you can take care of the ones you love. Ultimately, no amount of physical items can make up for the time and affection that our little ones need. Join us as we celebrate the joys and navigate the challenges in this journey of drawing families together, one step at a time.


Toddle ‘n’ Doodle is headquartered in Singapore and operates under the registered entity name Toddle ‘N’ Doodle (UEN: 53417617L). 

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