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Caring for your baby's clothes

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

When preparing for the birth of your child, you’d likely have learned through classes or videos on how to give your child a bath. But who knew that washing your baby’s clothes is something new parents have to learn as well? I learnt it the hard way when my baby’s clothes shrank to about two-thirds of their original size when they came out of the dryer!

Since then, I’ve made it a point to always read and follow the label instructions on the clothes. If there are no labels for your little one’s clothes (or if you’re too busy to read them), here are some general guidelines* for washing and drying their clothes.

  • Cold cycle - Wash in cold cycle, with water temperature not higher than 30 °C. The quick cycle for most washers, if not all, should be safe to use for your baby's clothes. To be safe, you can choose the gentle wash mode. For those precious outfits for special occasions that you absolutely do not want to risk ruining, the old school method of washing them by hand will never go wrong.

  • No dryer - Do not tumble dry. While some baby clothes are okay to be put into the dryer, most aren't! I know, you’re already thinking of all the things you could be doing with the 30 minutes spent hanging up each piece of clothing. But trust me, do yourself and your baby a favour by having those cute outfits last longer! Don’t put them in the dryer (unless you’re desperate to make that oversized romper fit your little one perfectly for a party this weekend).

  • Air dry – At the expense of sounding naggy, no dryer = air drying your baby’s clothes. Spending some time and energy hanging up those little onesies is worth it to keep them in good condition. You'll get used to it!

  • No ironing or dry-cleaning – Not sure why anyone would have time for this, but just putting it out there ;)

So there you have it, just a few simple tips to keep your little one's clothes fresh and wearable for a long time (and maybe even to pass on to their little sibling or cousin in future!). Meanwhile, take it one laundry load at a time. You’ve got this!

* These work for cotton or bamboo material, which most baby clothes are made of.


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