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5 steps to care for your baby's fabric books

Fabric books are the go-to books for babies because it has the ability to withstand the way babies “read” them - they flip, they fold, they roll over it, they chew on it - everything you can think of that a grown-up wouldn’t do to a book, they’ll do it. But that’s how babies discover and learn, isn’t it?

With the way that babies “read” them, these fabric books definitely get dirty easily. And if you’re wondering how to care for your baby’s fabric books, here’s some quick tips on how you can care for them.

  1. Immerse the fabric books in water (normal tap water will do, really) and gently swish them around.

  2. Soak them for a few minutes.

  3. Drain the water by gently pressing out the water with a flat hand. If you have used soap, rinse once or twice with clean water before draining the water to ensure that all the soap has come out of the fabric books.

  4. Do not wring or squeeze the water out as this will create wrinkles on the fabric books.

  5. Leave the fabric books to air dry.

And once the fabric books are dry, you can offer them to your little one and spend time reading together!


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