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Top 5 kid-friendly activities at The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey JB

Recently I went across the causeway with my family of four for a 3D2N trip to Johor Bahru. Surprisingly, we managed to spend our entire time within the compounds of our hotel and the huge mall it was connected to – The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey. And even more surprisingly, we never got bored during our time there! (Perhaps also because we had to move slower with two young kids. Think: diaper changes, naps, milk feeds, and so on.)

For those who are considering going to The Mall (Mid Valley Southkey JB) for a day trip or overnight trip like me, here are the top 5 things you can do there with your family!

1) Enjoy a meal at Oriental Kopi

Every time we passed by this place, there was a long queue outside. We wondered if the hype was worth it, and it didn’t disappoint. The food was so good that we went there twice during our short trip so that we could try more things on their menu!

Some of our recommended must-tries are the egg tarts, polo bun, dry mee siam, and nasi lemak. Their traditional coffee was great too! They also have kid-friendly items like toast with kaya or egg mayo.

Personally I found the best time to go was at opening time on a weekday, before the long queue started forming.

2) Have fun at Kiddytopia

Let your kids run loose at Kiddytopia, an indoor playground designed to captivate the imaginations of little ones. We went on a weekday morning and had almost the whole playground to ourselves!

Best part of all, the one-day pass was affordable and we could leave for lunch and head back to burn off more energy. Each one-day pass allows each child to be accompanied by up to 2 adults.

3) Live your racing dreams at KF Kiddy Circuit

Join your little racers on an indoor go-karting adventure specially designed for children! Priced at RM75 for 3 rides during off-peak timings, it was a value-for-money way to break up the long day of walking and shopping.

Each ride lasts for 8 minutes, which was enough for us to go more than 5 laps. And if you’re lucky, the staff may allow you to ride beyond the time limit when there are not many people around.

4) Go snack-shopping at MiX Store

There are endless shops in the mall, but one place that we recommend is MiX Store. It is a snack shop with snacks imported from various countries, and it has small trolleys for kids to push around.

That was an activity in itself for our 3-year-old A, who happily browsed the store and added snacks into her trolley. Perhaps the only downside of this place was trying to get her out of the store without trying to buy every pack of marshmallow and candies.

5) Enjoy a unique family movie time

Head to GSC Play Plus, a family-friendly cinema that comes with a playground, slide and ball pit. Perfect for kids who can’t stay seated the entire duration of the movie (and they probably wouldn’t want to anyway, with the enticing play areas in the cinema hall).

We didn’t manage to try this during our trip, as our kids were too young to roam around on their own. But we’re definitely bookmarking this for our future trips. If you have kids who are older and can play independently, it could be worth a try!

(This blog post is not sponsored or affiliated with The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey JB or any of the mentioned stores. The recommendations are solely based on personal experiences and shared with the desire to benefit fellow families with young children.)

Written by A’s Mommy, co-founder of Toddle 'n' Doodle.


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