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25 Family Activities for this Christmas Season

Updated: May 24, 2021

The holiday season is here! Running out of ideas on what you can do with your family? Fret not, we have put together a list of kids-friendly activities you can enjoy. Get the little ones off the screens and make some precious memories together with these ideas, arranged according to whether you want to stay home or head out, and also how much you want (or don’t want) to perspire!

Home Sweet Home

Ideal for: Homebodies or rainy days (or just about any day, really)

#1 Set up a Christmas tree. What better way to get in the festive mood than to set up a Christmas tree in the house and decorate it together! If you don’t have a tree, try creating a tree shape on a blank wall out of photos or postcards you have at home.

#2 Write Christmas cards for family and friends. Turn it into a fun activity with young ones by getting them to stamp their handprint on the cards!

#3 Read together. Grow a love of reading in your little one! You can even make it a time of expressing your love to your child through some family-themed books (such as this)

#4 DIY home project. Pick out a part of the house to beautify or improve together. It could be as simple as making a small sign to hang on your main door.

#5 Themed DIY photoshoot. Choose a theme to dress everyone up in, set up a tripod or grab a selfie stick, and take some family photos together!

#6 Pick out used toys to donate. Since it’s a season of giving, have your children pick out some used toys that are still in mint condition to give to other children who could use them. Great to start developing a heart of giving from a young age!

#7 Spread joy to a neighbour. Think of something simple and sweet to do for a neighbour! Like giving them a card your family has made (refer to #2).

Fun in the Sun

Ideal for: Nature lovers, sun lovers, or the slightly more adventurous

#8 Picnic at the beach. Pack some snacks, slap on some sunscreen and have fun soaking in some Vitamin D! Remember to also prepare water bottles, extra change of clothes, beach hat, shades, wet wipes, bucket, shovel……you get our point.

#9 Go for a hike. Our personal recommendation for families with young children is the Southern Ridges trail, which is stroller-friendly and has toilet facilities along the way. Make sure your precious one is dressed comfortably – here’s an outfit perfect for hikes.

#10 Dip in the pool. This is a great option for those who don’t fancy getting soaked in perspiration, and for little ones who enjoy being in the water!

#11 Go on a zoo trip. Introduce your little one to real animals so they don’t just think of them as pictures in a book.

#12 Play in the rain. Many of us grew up learning that we should stay away from the rain. But guess what, your child is 100% waterproof and can even benefit from some sensory play in the rain! So the next time it’s raining lightly, put on your raincoats and head out for some fun!

#13 Cycle in the park. Grab your own bikes or rent some for the whole family and take a ride in the park! We suggest Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, which also has several playgrounds and cafes within for a full day of energy-burning and refuelling. Westies can catch some sea breeze at West Coast Park, where bicycle rentals (including four-person bikes) are available.

#14 Go kite-flying at Marina Barrage. Have a windy day out and enjoy kite-flying with views of the Singapore skyline. Perfect for taking outdoor family photos!

Get the aircon on

Ideal for: Those who want to venture out but don’t want to end up drenched in perspiration

#15 Visit Gardens by the Bay. Enjoy nature in air-conditioned comfort at the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome! Pro tip: Pack a light jacket (like this!) for your little one as it can get pretty chilly in the Cloud Forest.

#16 Dive under the sea. Not literally, but at the S.E.A. Aquarium. Immerse your child in the underwater world here to learn about different marine animals (got to admit it’s pretty educational for adults too). Entry is free for children below 4 years old.

#17 Head to an indoor playground. Check out Amazonia, which features the highest indoor wave slide, netted trampolines, and a large ball pit. Babies and toddlers can also enjoy themselves at a separate soft-play area that contains a mini slide, ball pit, interactive play panels and swings.

#18 Go ice-skating. Experience some winter vibes with your young ones at one of the three ice-skating rinks (located at JCube, Marina Bay Sands, Kallang Leisure Park) in sunny Singapore.

#19 Visit a shopping mall. Go to the nearest mall and do something different from your usual visits there, like dining somewhere you haven’t been before. If you have a little train-lover in your family, head to a mall that has a choo-choo train ride available and give your little one a treat!

#20 Go on a supermarket mission. Make a regular grocery shopping trip fun for your little one by turning it into a mission to complete (yes, we know it already feels like a mission for you each time). Have your child help you cross items off the shopping list and even select an item on your list. At the end of it, let him choose a little treat right before you pay for the items.

#21 Explore Jewel Changi Airport. This is one place that contains multiple attractions within, ranging from the Canopy Park to a Hedge Maze. Doesn’t hurt that there are so many dining options as well. (Psst, we heard the nursing rooms there are well-equipped and beautifully designed!)

Something in between

Ideal for: Those who want to leave the house but hope to keep things chill, or who want to do a mix of things

#22 Go for a staycation. Decide for yourself how chill or hectic you want this to be. You can have a packed day visiting all the tourist spots near your choice of stay, or you may just want to stay in the hotel all day long, enjoying their amenities.

#23 Playdates with another family. Head to the house of a friend with kids of similar age and let the kids play together while the adults have tea. (Just kidding, you’ll probably have to be running after the children if they’re anywhere below 5 years old.)

#24 Go on The Great SG Drive. Take a 200km road trip around Singapore! If that distance sounds too intimidating with kids in tow, you can just choose one out of the four parts of the drive. Also perfect for when you have a child who sleeps better in the car seat than at home in the crib.

#25 Hop on a scenic bus ride. An alternative to the above option if you don’t have a car. Choose from 5 different bus routes here. Keep the young ones entertained by playing “I Spy” on the ride!

There we have it, 25 amazing ideas for holiday activities with your family! As you may have noticed, it doesn’t take much to enjoy family time together – just some simple planning and setting time aside (and also lots of flexibility especially with younger kids). We’re sure it will go a long way in letting your little ones know how precious they are to you. Have fun and share this list with anyone who would love some ideas on how to spend this festive season together with family!